Saturday, December 2, 2023

Our objectives


  • To support, improve, promote and advance education in the UK through the medium of the arts for young people.
  • To provide leisure and recreational activities for young people in the UK, who have a need by reason of their age, disability, ill-health, poverty or social and economic circumstances. With the aim to provide education through the arts through positive experiences.
  • To engage the most marginalised in inspiring, sustainable arts programmes in areas where provision is poor and engagement in the arts is therefore low.

Art encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, two skills that are increasingly linked with long-term professional success. Art forces children to engage in out of the box thinking and can help them hone their creative problem-solving skills.

At the Creativity Box we want children to take their creativity out of the box and ignite their imagination, improving their confidence and their relationships. We are passionate about bring arts to the most disadvantaged in the community.